Communicating with Your Heart: Inspiration Behind My Vision

Mothers are special beings.

I still remember my mother fighting poverty to give her children a better future. She is the inspiration behind my entrepreneur mindset and my passion to help women who are following their passion.

Here is to every mother out there fighting for a better future for the young generation.

Below is a video about my inspiration – my mother.

What’s your story?

Can I help you tell your story, show your vision, or help you engage to the heart of your prospects, clients and employees?

Access My 3 Secrets to Using Videos To Win Hearts & Secure Clients

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The Old Wise

The Old Wise by Folake Bee
What is that, that whispers ever so gently
It comes in moment of silence, moment of clarity
Sharp, yet faint

A moment significant, yet stolen in a second
It comes in moment life changing – like the day you knew – he was the one
“He is the one”

Or the moment you found the voice
“hello” whispered straight from the heart

What is that inner voice, that I long to hear again and again
Never there, but always presence

The little voice
Pure light, fragile, but always knowing, never doubting

She is… the old wise.

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I dream of clouds and dada

The other day, filled with so much love for my little man (he is three years old – going on 15)….

I said… “Eth, I dreamt of you before I had you – so you are the man of my dreams!”

To which he replied,  “I… dream of clouds and dada” 🙂


Sometime I am filled with so much love for the men in my life, the women on my journey, nature and the natural balance to life.

It is at this moment, poems such as below come out of nowhere…

just like the innocence in my little man.

Balance: Shiva Shakti, Yin Yang


You are my anchor, my guide, my love
I am safe, protected and cared for in your masculinity

I will love you, inspire you, keeping the flames of our soul burning till kingdom come
leading us to enlightenment
beheld in my femininity

You are my Shiva, I your Shakti
Yin and Yang
Son and The Holy Spirit

Here is to staying connected to our inner child – open to loving, being loved and our truth. ❤

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What Is My Identity? Who Am I?

The last couple of months, I contemplated a key question a lot us are fortunate to ask ourselves at some point in our lives…

Folake Bee - Who am I?

Who am I?

This is a question I couldn’t ignore as I spend 2 months retreating from the hustle and bustle of London for the quite blissfulness of a small town in Ghana – West Africa.

The opportunity to reflect, meditate and spend my days without an agenda, makes one contemplate some not very conscious questions.

Mine was a constant ‘Who am I’? ‘What is my purpose?

The more I contemplated this question, the more my so called career ‘profile bio’ or ‘about me’ seem to make no sense to me or fit my state of being.

After all, how many times in the last year, have I changed from ‘Business Development Manager’ to ‘Entrepreneur’ to a ‘Mentor’ to a ‘Mother’ or to a person who ‘just wants to be’?…

The more I contemplate the questions ‘Who am I?’ ‘What is my purpose?’ the less I have a definition to put down.

I come to realise the answers to which we are expected to justify our existence are based on external influences that has nothing to do with who we really are.

After all, my state of being has nothing to do with what I do for work nor does it have anything to do with being a massive support of ‘Arsenal’ football team (by the way, I use to be, but I am no longer) nor does it have to do with my current job tittle (although it does influences what I do and how I do it).

So I come to the conclusion that who I am, who I have come to be, is my current state of being.

This never changing and always changing state of being.
I evolve, connect, love, cry, laugh, explore, feel, manifest…

I Just AM and so should you, because YOU are perfect just as you are! ❤


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How to Be In Flow With Big Results In Business And Personal Life

So, you want life to be an ease – with big rewards right? I like that.

At any one time I find that I can identify 2 to 3 tasks that if I focus on would bring the most revenue in my business or joy in my personal life.

Prioritising these tasks gives the illusion that you actually have more time on your hands (as you only focus on what matters), giving you a lot of satisfaction (as you get results).

What key things can you identify this month that will bring you the best results in your business/ private life?

Note: they usually tend to be things you don’t do regularly or in some case you feel are outside your comfort zone.

Pic - Folake BeeHowever, what I find is that, as soon as you write these three intentions down (and mean it) – they tend to come alive – happening without you even realising how they came to be.

I have put this into practice this month as I launch my Messenger Programme (a programme to help heart centered entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, writers communicate their value using video). Working from Ghana (West Africa) and dealing with technology challenges brought about from working remotely away from my usual base in London and committing to my priority of spending as much time with my baby and family whilst here in Ghana.

Prioritising my three intentions/ tasks have made the launch of the Messenger Programme as much of an ease as it could be.

TIP: To do this, get a quite space, quite your mind for 15 -30 minutes and ask yourself:
What three things can I concentrate on this month that will bring me the most joy and results?

Don’t worry thinking you may not be able to do them. Trust that you will be able to manifest them. From experience, I know that usually when your intentions come from the heart, they tend to manifest with ease.

Why not share your intentions below? Making them stronger as you voice them out and give energy to them.

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Hello from Ghana

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How To Bring Your Dreams to Life This Year

I wanted to start this new year with a post about bringing your dreams to life.

I remember my mentor telling me sometime back, about how she sketches her dreams into reality and how I should give it a go.

Since then I have been sketching out my wishes and visions and I am amazed at how they come into being.

When I was a little girl (say about 7 years old) living in West Africa, I used to have a best mate whom I used to play this game of telling stories through pictures. Using pencils we’ll sketch out the whole sequence of a story like this…

I’ll sketch out a house that was built by the river, she’ll sketch that it had a mummy and a daddy and four children (illustrated as stick people), I’d then continue the story with say… It had lots of trees where the wicked witch lived! And the story would go on and on (whilst we totally ignored our teacher I might add)

Even at that early age, the instinctive nature of using story telling and our imagination was already instilled in us. This natural skills of using our imagination, telling stories and manifesting our heart desires is part of natural abilities.

So if you don’t already do this, I encourage you to start the new year by buying the most lovely note pad you can find (that one that gives you a lovely feeling each time you look at it), get a pencil to go with it (I love using pencils as you can easily scrub out and change your story).

Start to scribble down your heart desires, visions and hopes in pictures. You’d be amazed at how accelerated your dreams come to life!

Wishing you a very happy 2014.

PS: Here’s a picture of my notepad along with what I love to sip (hot chocolate) while I sketch away (most times in my favourite café).

Folake Bee's favourite things

Please share if you like this post and comment if you have your story to tell.

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