Would you like to get more online exposure? Try these 5 Tips on how to make a viral video.

  1. The Idea: Your overall goal is to entertain and keep audience engaged to the end and share the video.
  2. The Visuals: A properly done video is more pleasing to the eye. You should aim for quality and visuals that pull audiences into the story.
  3. The Content: It is advisable to keep videos from two to three minutes or perhaps release them in series.
  4. Call to Action: You should incorporate a call to action, for your audiences to be engaged in your brand.
  5. The Community: It’s all about sharing! Your video should be published for maximum exposure.

Check out this example…

How we made this viral:

The final outcome:

REV1000: Commercial from WDF Productions on Vimeo.

Interested in learning more about creating your own viral video? Click here to subscribe to access a full one-page version “How to make a viral video and get your video selling for you”.


About Folake Bee

Folake Bee is a soulful creative. She is constantly on a mission to finding alignment between work, being a mother to her 6 year old son and doing what lights her up like, travel, spirituality and writing. She’s had a few major life changing experiences and this has left her on a greater mission to riding her fear and inspiring more people along her path. If you are feeling stuck and would like to awaken - soul, heart and business - you can join the FREE Magic and Flow here: http://bit.ly/2xqqC5L ✨
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