Intuition in Business: Are You Using Yours? Quotes kim bassinger intuitionThat is listening to the inner you for inspiration and answers.

Its true that we all at some moment in time get very connected with who we are and the elements around us. That moment when we get given answers to our 100 million questions.

However the problem is that we are over stimulated by all the distractions that modern-day living brings, for instance, all the technology that surrounds us and it’s stimulation.

However, its really about being in touch with your inner self, and listening and trusting your intuition. Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten or do not trust this skill that we are born with. I am fascinated at how my toddler uses this intuition on a daily basis.

When you start to stop and listen, you begin to notice those moments when you feel more in-tuned with your inner voice – your intuition.

Have you noticed how when you are on holidays, you get more creative and ideas flow in. Why? Perhaps because, we feel free from the usual day to day worries and distractions?…

However there are also moments in your everyday life, that you feel more connected. For me it’s when I am in the shower – NO JOKE.

Seriously sometimes, I feel I can conquer the world’s problem when am in the shower 🙂

I get all kind of ideas for e.g business, writing, etc. For some people it’s just before they go to sleep and for others it’s when waking up.

Intuition + Business Knowledge = Creative Entrepreneur Quotes Steve Jobs IntuitionSo my question to you is, do you know when your moment is and if you do, are actually capitalising on it?

Because, those fleeting moments come and go so quickly! If you do not write those ideas down, and take them seriously and actually take action… It’s like telling the universe (who keeps putting opportunities and answers your way) to ‘go jump’.

So, where do you get your inspiration from? Are you listening to the inner you (that positive, and creative voice).

Take notes of your moments and get ready to be inspired.


About Folake Bee

Folake Bee is a soulful creative. She is constantly on a mission to finding alignment between work, being a mother to her 6 year old son and doing what lights her up like, travel, spirituality and writing. She’s had a few major life changing experiences and this has left her on a greater mission to riding her fear and inspiring more people along her path. If you are feeling stuck and would like to awaken - soul, heart and business - you can join the FREE Magic and Flow here: ✨
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