Happiness Rule 101: Know What Brings You Balance.

It’s easy to fall of balance, when we have a lot on our shoulders or we need to get back into alignment when feeling stuck or at a cross road.

In the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot on my plate, managing three projects and to top it up, my little man was on school break.

Finding balance amidst chaos is like ‘working the muscles’. I always say, have a happiness toolkit – a list of simple things you practice each day (or that you can revert to) that helps you bounce back or keep you at your right vibration.

This picture of my mantlepiece depicts some of these things. For me cycling, nature, crystals and incense are among my top 10 things. IMG_8064

Rose Incense for instance, I find helpful if you need some self love. It has a way to bring you straight back to your essence, your core… your innate power.


I always remember my grandmother always burning incense . She particularly believed they had a power to ward of negative energy (she was like 90, she should know). If you had a bad dream as a kid, she will be there like a flash with some kind of incense to ward of ‘bad spirits’ 😇.

Perhaps that’s where my love for these incense grew. I’m glad these days we have a more exotic and nicer smells to chose from. You should try a different range and see which lifts your mood the most.

If you are feeling stuck or at cross roads, and would like to work with me to find and tap into you source of power for creativity and purpose – email me at folakebee(at)gmail.com

Regardless, what’s in your happiness tool kit? I’d love to know.

Share in the comments below.

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About Folake Bee

Folake Bee is a soulful creative. She is constantly on a mission to finding alignment between work, being a mother to her 6 year old son and doing what lights her up like, travel, spirituality and writing. She’s had a few major life changing experiences and this has left her on a greater mission to riding her fear and inspiring more people along her path. If you are feeling stuck and would like to awaken - soul, heart and business - you can join the FREE Magic and Flow here: http://bit.ly/2xqqC5L ✨
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