Balancing the feminine with the masculine – the power play.

The power we give away as divine feminine when we need a male authority to give us permission …. balancing the masculine and feminine - blog post

There are many ways we give our power away, but this is one of the dynamics that shows up in circles in mine.

I have always given mine away and yes I see it in circles.

As a child, I gave it away to my father who was never a constant in my life, who said goodbye before I even had a chance… and as I grow into a woman; I made sure to be the first to say goodbye to the men in my lives – before they do to me, ending what could at times be a beautiful thing prematurely.

I gave it away as a 7 year old girl who was totally in awe of her older half brother, who I’d give my last bite to, regardless of the fact that I was still hungry. I’d cry time and time again to my mother after every fight with him. My mother who always said, “why do you keep following him everywhere when you always come back crying?”

As a woman, I gave it away to my lover, who could dismantle years of spiritual work in an instance, the one I projected my source of happiness on to, the one who showed me how fragile we become when we attach our personality to our ego.

As a business woman, I gave it away to business partners who always always show up as male figures in my life. They come with experience and resources and always tend to know what’s best for me and how I should show up in life.

These masculine beings show up time and time again, showing me my life lessons, the circle of life; my karma, until I learn to be aware and transfigure this exchange in energy.

This energy that is so powerful, if only I knew that I am the container, holding a sacred space for both of us – (the feminine, the masculine) as the channel to the divine.

The power we give away… can be so potent, if only we know, we are here to Be love itself, to create, to transform; just by being.

We need no permission nor acceptance.

We already know and hold the means within us, that we are perfectly capable to be an emotional hurricane, constantly changing, constantly constant – while they remain our grounding pole, after all that’s how we manifest 😊

So I continue to say to myself…

I am absofuckinlutely perfectly divinely enough and so should you (if you so choose).

Watch Video – Seat of the Soul: Feminine Womb Connection


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About Folake Bee

Folake Bee is a soulful creative. She is constantly on a mission to finding alignment between work, being a mother to her 6 year old son and doing what lights her up like, travel, spirituality and writing. She’s had a few major life changing experiences and this has left her on a greater mission to riding her fear and inspiring more people along her path. If you are feeling stuck and would like to awaken - soul, heart and business - you can book a FREE session with folake here: ✨
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