How to Be In Flow With Big Results In Business And Personal Life

So, you want life to be an ease – with big rewards right? I like that.

At any one time I find that I can identify 2 to 3 tasks that if I focus on would bring the most revenue in my business or joy in my personal life.

Prioritising these tasks gives the illusion that you actually have more time on your hands (as you only focus on what matters), giving you a lot of satisfaction (as you get results).

What key things can you identify this month that will bring you the best results in your business/ private life?

Note: they usually tend to be things you don’t do regularly or in some case you feel are outside your comfort zone.

Pic - Folake BeeHowever, what I find is that, as soon as you write these three intentions down (and mean it) – they tend to come alive – happening without you even realising how they came to be.

I have put this into practice this month as I launch my Messenger Programme (a programme to help heart centered entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, writers communicate their value using video). Working from Ghana (West Africa) and dealing with technology challenges brought about from working remotely away from my usual base in London and committing to my priority of spending as much time with my baby and family whilst here in Ghana.

Prioritising my three intentions/ tasks have made the launch of the Messenger Programme as much of an ease as it could be.

TIP: To do this, get a quite space, quite your mind for 15 -30 minutes and ask yourself:
What three things can I concentrate on this month that will bring me the most joy and results?

Don’t worry thinking you may not be able to do them. Trust that you will be able to manifest them. From experience, I know that usually when your intentions come from the heart, they tend to manifest with ease.

Why not share your intentions below? Making them stronger as you voice them out and give energy to them.

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Hello from Ghana

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How To Bring Your Dreams to Life This Year

I wanted to start this new year with a post about bringing your dreams to life.

I remember my mentor telling me sometime back, about how she sketches her dreams into reality and how I should give it a go.

Since then I have been sketching out my wishes and visions and I am amazed at how they come into being.

When I was a little girl (say about 7 years old) living in West Africa, I used to have a best mate whom I used to play this game of telling stories through pictures. Using pencils we’ll sketch out the whole sequence of a story like this…

I’ll sketch out a house that was built by the river, she’ll sketch that it had a mummy and a daddy and four children (illustrated as stick people), I’d then continue the story with say… It had lots of trees where the wicked witch lived! And the story would go on and on (whilst we totally ignored our teacher I might add)

Even at that early age, the instinctive nature of using story telling and our imagination was already instilled in us. This natural skills of using our imagination, telling stories and manifesting our heart desires is part of natural abilities.

So if you don’t already do this, I encourage you to start the new year by buying the most lovely note pad you can find (that one that gives you a lovely feeling each time you look at it), get a pencil to go with it (I love using pencils as you can easily scrub out and change your story).

Start to scribble down your heart desires, visions and hopes in pictures. You’d be amazed at how accelerated your dreams come to life!

Wishing you a very happy 2014.

PS: Here’s a picture of my notepad along with what I love to sip (hot chocolate) while I sketch away (most times in my favourite café).

Folake Bee's favourite things

Please share if you like this post and comment if you have your story to tell.

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Google Hangout Replay – 3 Things You Must Know Before You Create Another Online Video Content

If you missed the last Google hangout, here is the replay video.

To join a live future hangout and get your key questions answered – send a blank email to:

Stop! The 3 Things You Must Know Before You Create another Online Video Content for women in business.

  • How to prepare before you go in front of your camera
  • Paying attention to lighting, sound and framing
  • Your call to action

Helping you create video content that establish your reputation, help you reach more people and make you more money.

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Women in Business – Why Staying in Flow is Essential for Success

Folake Bee - Being in flow for women in businessSuccess in business (for me) is about being you, being in flow with the universe, serving others with one’s passion and getting paid for it abundantly.

Why else would you sacrifice the security of having someone else pay you on a monthly basis, for the insecurity that running your own business can occasionally bring?

However, one of the issues I dealt with for a long time was how to follow my calling, stay in flow and make a living from that calling?

I was recently out with my girlfriends in London for a night out.

I watched a group of dancers on the dance floor do their thing. Now you are thinking, what does dance have to do with business? Well here are three things that these amazing dancers show us about ‘being in flow’ that we can learn from.

You are in tune
There was something amazing about the way these dancers were synchronised in their movement, even when they were all doing their different styles. I think this is the same in business, when you are in flow, it’s easy to stay on top of your game, in tune with leading trends, changes in the market, and also importantly your customer needs.

You stand out
So there was this one dancer, even when he was not taking centre stage, all eyes were on him. There was just a natural brilliance radiating from his moves. Wherever he was, he was so good he took centre stage. Could it be that when you do what you love doing, its so easy to stand out of the crowd, as things feel seamless and therefore being brilliant comes easy?

You become attractive
It’s simple, you glow with positive energy and positivity flows your way. On this path, you become a master in manifesting the things you want with ease.

So here are 3 tips on how I find and stay in flow

1. Meditate daily to help you to reconnect with your inner self, and help you listen to your intuition. This is the first step in the process.

2. Remember to live from the present moment. This has really made the most impact on my way to where I want to be. Those who know me will know that I am usually a stickler for action plans, strategies and forward planning – as a result of my project management background. However these days, I have my intention, live in the moment and make the most of the present moment by being more productive at that moment.

3. Slow your pace, rushing, busy-busy does not always equate results. In fact in my case, it’s the opposite. I work less (but in a more productive manner) and the business decided to bring in more clients, more income and everything on my wish list! Who’d known?!

As usual, I would love for you to share how you stay in flow and the impact it has in your business below.

Don’t forget to share this post – if you like it.

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Your Passion Your Story

Folake Bee infographics on passionI love this. Let me know what you think.

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Valuing and Respecting Ourselves Valuing and respecting ourselves

‘Through valuing and respecting ourselves, we respect life itself’

Meditation teacher – Linda Hall.

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