A lil’ bit about me…

I know this is an “about me” page. But first – Who are you? What Inspires You?

You are probably like me dabbling in many things.

For me running a business is finding a way to live a life of purpose, where my home, friends and passion all entwine. You are probably doing the same or have clients who are.

I don’t quite believe you have to settle to be one thing. Why should we settle?

I am the founder of production companies – WDF Productions and Beeline Films and Sales Digitiser (a digital marketing company).

I love systemising an idea and turning that into channel to bring value to others and a source of income for those involve in the project.

I am inspired by women in business and working with you to use innate tools to find and tap into your purpose – particularly when feeling stuck or at a cross road. I have done this over and over again myself, its about having a set of toolkit that helps us re-balance.

Then there is the tech side of me, in fact I can be such a geek. The idea of how tech can literally change our lives fascinates me. I can spend hours working on a project plan for a tech transformation programme to make sure it flows or spend forever helping a business owner systemise their business process so that they can work from anywhere.

And don’t even get me started on spirituality, that’s a whole new book.

One could say I am a contradiction.

But who isn’t? Why do we have to be one thing? Why can’t we constantly evolve and build a lifestyle business to go with it?

I am folake bee.
Today, a StoryTeller, Video Producer, Tech Enthusiast, Business Mentor & Lover of Life.

Who are you? Lets Celebrate You. Work With Me, Use My Resources.
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